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How to Pipe Frosting to Look like a Rose Petal

Learn how to pipe on frosting to look like a rose petal in this Howcast food video with expert Liz Sutton.


"Cupcake Decorating: Piping a Rose Petal

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Sutton. I'm one of the head decorators here at Amanda Oakleaf Cakes. I really enjoy working here and being a cake decorator and more specifically cupcake decorator. Please come visit us at our store front it's at 1 Pauline Street in Winthrop, Massachusetts and you can also visit our website at And today I'm going to be talking to you about cupcake decorating. Today I'm going to show you how to decorate a cupcake with a butter cream rose. So the first thing you want to start with filling your bag. I filled mine with some pink frosting. You want to fit it with a large rose tip. As you can see the rose tip is larger at the bottom and it tapers to a smaller top. Let's start the cupcake. It's easier to hold it in your hand. So you want to start with the larger portion of the tip at the bottom and you want to hold the cupcake. Squeeze even pressure. You want to make a dome on top and that's going to be the top of the rose. So once you have your dome, you want to take your rose tip and you want to start covering the seams. And you want to make about three of these and as you can see it's starting to already look like a rose. And as you keep turning the cupcake you want to just keep making your rose petals and slipping them down towards the bottom of the cupcake. And you want to keep doing that until the cupcake is full of rose petals. These are great for anniversaries or Valentines Day or even just somebody who likes flowers. I know I do. So once you get to having a full cupcake, it's full of rose petals and now you want to finish it off. So you want to take the tip and you want to turn it towards yourself and you want to make big sweeping petals and this will close any gaps. If you have any hanging just put it back in your bowl. And this will make it a nice neat finish for the cupcake itself. Just close that gap. And as you can see you have a beautiful rose cupcake top."

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