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How to Pick a Cupcake Frosting

Learn how to pick the perfect frosting for your cupcakes in this Howcast food video with expert Liz Sutton.


Hi, my name is Elizabeth Sutton. I am one of the head decorators here at Amanda Oakleaf Cakes. I really enjoy working here and being a cake decorator and more specifically, cupcake decorator. You can come visit us at our store front. It's at 1 Pauline Street in Windsor, Massachusetts. And you can also visit our website at and today, I'm going to be talking to you about cupcake decorating. Choosing a frosting is something that can be very fun. I like to pair up flavors that are complementary to each other. I usually tell people with a yellow cake or a white cake, pretty much anything goes because the flavor is something that's so subtle that you can pair it with just about anything. In my personal opinion, I think that fruit flavors go really well with the yellow cake and the white cake. Flavors such as raspberry or strawberry. And, with chocolate and flavors similar to chocolate such as hazelnut, the cake itself is so rich that I usually like to pair it with another rich flavor. You can get away with it. Something like peanut butter or chocolate fudge, even cream cheese, works really nicely with flavors such as chocolate. When you're trying to choose a frosting, I would say to always keep in mind you're trying to cater to your audience so, what I tell people when they're choosing a frosting for kids, kids usually like it simple and sweet. So, yellow cupcake with vanilla frosting usually works over pretty well, such a chocolate. Chocolate works pretty well too. Just the simple flavors. Kids really like that. I wouldn't recommend people choosing an off the wall flavor for kids. They tend to not really enjoy that but, if you're catering to adults, a wedding or a baby shower, I suggest people go all out. Try something you've never had before. Blueberry is a really popular frosting flavor in the summer. It's one of my favorites. Pairs really well with a yellow cake or a white cake. Always keep in mind that you're trying to cater to the audience that you're feeding.

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