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How to Survive a School Dance

Learn how to survive a school dance in this teen dating advice video from Howcast with expert Shallon Lester.


"Hey guys. My name is Shallon and I'm here to help you with all the questions you might have about love, lust, romance, and everything in between. For more, visit me on twitter @downtownshallon or be sure to check out my website

Omg, it's school dance time! School dances are both some the most fun and the most terrifying things you are going to encounter in middle school, and probably high school. So here's a few tips to make sure it's awesome and not awkward. Ladies, no matter how much you might wanna dance with the boy, any particular boy or just a boy in general, don't ask them to dance. I know, I know, this is totally anti-feminist of me, and your friends are probably gonna say, don't be a wallflower. But, a boy is meant to ask a girl to dance. That's the natural order of things. But I'm not saying that just cause you don't go up and ask him, doesn't mean you won't get a dance. Make sure that you're approachable. That's the no 1 thing boys want from girls. It's someone who's approachable, and warm, and friendly. So if you're sitting with all of your friends...making this face, uh, guess what, a guy is not come over to you.

But if you're off by yourself, maybe getting some punch, maybe at a drinking fountain, and smiling seem like you're having a good time, you're very approachable, and a guy will probably go up to you and ask for a dance.

Another key rule, don't say no. Even if he's not your dream guy, even if she's not your dream girl, say...yes. I remember when I was 13, I made mistake of asking a boy to dance, and he said no, I don't dance with dogs. So, that was great.

Boys, take a little bit of pride in your appearance. Make sure your hair and your clothes are clean, and always be super polite to girls. Don't do what my guy did. If you don't wanna dance with the girl, just say, you know what, I'm actually not feeling good. But again like I said, what the heck, it's two and a half minutes ##, go for it. Don't stress about not having the best dance with, you're not Justin Bieber, you're not Victoria Justice. No one expects you to be. Go out there and have fun. Again, that's the most important thing. Everybody wants to be around somebody who looks like they're having a good time, right? So if you're ## off in the corner, umm, you're not gonna have a good time, and no one around you will. So let loose, it's supposed to be fun.

Ladies, here's another little trick that I did before every single dance. One or two days before, I would ## to school looking...not really my best. Little grungy clothes, didn't really do much with my hair, and no lip gloss, whatever. Because then, when the night of the dance all around, and I turn up all prettied up, the effect was even more impressive. I call this the cinderella effect. So try this for your own, and will knock the boys.

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