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How to Turn a Friend into a Girlfriend

Learn how to turn a friend into your girlfriend in this teen dating video from Howcast with expert Shallon Lester.


High School Dating Advice: How to Turn a Friend into Your Girlfriend

Hey guys. My name is Shallon and I'm here to help you with all the questions you might have about love, lust, romance, and everything in between. For more, visit me on twitter @downtownshallon or be sure to check out my website Boys we all know this, being in the friend zone sucks. It's the worst when you have a crush on one of your female friends and you just don't know how to get her to see you as more than a buddy. I'll help you. Number one; don't talk to her about other guys. If she is having relationship drama or whatever, let her go to her girlfriends. You're a man and if you start talking to her all about her relationship problems she's going to see you as a therapist and not a potential boyfriend. Number two; be busy. Lot of guys think that the more available they are the more a girl is going to like them and they might like you but not in the way you're hoping. She won't respect you because no girl is really attracted to a guy who's at her beckon call. Also, and this is the biggest one, ask her on a proper date. I can't tell you how many guy friends I secretly have the hots for but I'm not going to make the first move. That's a man's job. It doesn't have to be some huge, grandiose gesture with you holding a stereo on her front lawn. You can simple say, ""Hey Jules, do you want to go to dinner tonight? I'd like to take you out"". Suddenly she's going to start to look at you as more than just one of the dudes and as a potential boyfriend. And if she says no and gets creeped out, hey there's your answer and you won't waste anymore time pining about her.

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