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How to Kiss Her in a Way She'll Never Forget

Learn how to kiss her in a way she'll never forget in this high school dating advice video from Howcast with expert Shallon Lester.


Hey guys. My name is Shallon and I'm here to help you with all the questions you might have about love, lust, romance, and everything in between. For more, visit me on twitter @downtownshallon or be sure to check out my website Guys listen up. Every single girl I know says that kissing is their very very favorite part of anything dating, romantic, or sexual. We love it. I don't know why. We do. So here are two fabulous kissing styles that are gonna absolutely blow your girl away. Number one, put your hands on your face when you kiss her. Uh, smooth. We love it. Not grab her by the ears or something like that. Just a nice subtle trace around her jaw line. A hand on the cheek. Tilt of her chin. It shows that you're in control. Girls like that. Also put your hand delicately and gently in her hair. Not like ram your hands up there like you're digging for gold. Just a nice subtle like sweep of her hair. Uh, it makes her knees weak. Another great thing is to sweep her off her feet quite literally. Girls love the concept of being swept away. Now when you see your girl, this is assuming you guys have kissed before or else this could end up being a restraining order type situation. Sweep her into your arms like they do in old timing movies. Just kind of like grab her and turn her down like that. You're gonna have to put all your weight on one foot as you turn her. And then lean in and kiss her. She will, she will lose her mind, and more importantly she will tell all of her friends so that even if you two break up your reputation is going to be so amazing you can date pretty much anyone else. Fabulous.

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