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How to Be Popular in High School

Learn how to be popular in this high school dating advice video from Howcast with expert Shallon Lester.


Hey guys. My name is Shallon and I'm here to help you with all the questions you might have about love, lust, romance, and everything in between. For more, visit me on twitter @downtownshallon or be sure to check out my website Who cares about the secrets of life? The biggest question you probably have is how can you be popular? I understand, the key to popularity is finding your niche. Think about it, do the popular kids at your school, do they have mass appeal? Does every single person in the school like them? Probably not. So, if you are an anime nerd, that's great. You be the best damn anime nerd that you can be. And you know what? You will attract other anime nerds. And before you know it, you might not be homecoming queen or king, but you will be the king of the anime nerds. And that ultimately is way more satisfying because you will be surrounded by people who respect you for you, who understand and share your interests, and they'll probably think you're pretty foxy because you guys are all the same. Also, a huge key is confidence. This is especially true if you don't just want to be the anime nerd, if you really do want to be homecoming king or queen. Confidence is key. And I've said this a lot, even if you don't have natural confidence, you can fake it you make it. How? Borrow confidence from a celebrity. If you love Tom Brady or Kim Kardashian, as I do, channel their confidence. Be the Brady, capture the Kim. Let it flow through you and sort of cloak yourself in their personality in awkward, scary situations. And before you know it, that fake confidence will start to feel real and you can cast of the Kim, say goodbye to the Brady and just be you with this new found confidence. Because everybody, no matter if their a jock, or a prep, or a goth, or whatever loves someone whose confident, it makes them feel more at ease. Another thing that popular kids do is they stand up for the things they believe in. I'm not saying they're always the most moral people unfortunately, but they have convictions. And this is why you should be popular and they shouldn't because you are moral and you're a good person. So if you see someone getting bullied, stand up for them. If you realize that people are doing something thats wrong or weird or mean or destructive, stand up for yourself and what you believe in. People might not agree with you, but they will respect you. And respect is the foundation of popularity. So are white teeth, so get some Crest White Strips, you'll thank me.

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