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Pros & Cons of Wedding Dress vs. Wedding Gown

Learn the pros and cons of wedding dresses vs. bridal gowns from celebrity wedding planner Barbara Esses in this Howcast video.


My name is Barbara Esses and I do events for a living. I'm Ruthie Hecht; I'm an event planner and I work with and for my mother. We're going to teach you the do's and don'ts for the perfect wedding.

Some brides choose to wear a big long gown and some wear a short dress. There are definitely no rules anymore. You can be casual in a long dress or dressy in a short one. When wearing a dress, don't go too short, it's still your wedding day. If you really can't decide which one you want, you can definitely wear a beautiful gown with a long train walking down the aisle, and at the end of the night change into a short dress. Just make sure that you don't have to leave the party for too long; you wouldn't want to miss your wedding just for clothing. If you're getting married on the beach, maybe a short dress is the way to go, so you're not picking up sand the whole night. If you're getting married at The Pierre Hotel in New York, you definitely want to wear a long dress it suits the venue. Whether your dress is short or long, make sure you look like a million bucks and everyone will think you're gorgeous.

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