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How to Pull Off an Inexpensive Wedding

Learn how to pull off a cheap (but nice) wedding from celebrity wedding planner Barbara Esses in this Howcast video.


My name is Barbara Esses and I do events for a living. I'm Ruthie Hecht; I'm an event planner and I work with and for my mother. We're going to teach you the do's and don'ts for the perfect wedding. Economic are a very big part of having a wedding in America today because unfortunately we live in a country where nothing, the word cheap just doesn't exist. But we can do things in a more cost efficient way when planning a wedding. One should look for a venue that is cost effective and choose food that not necessarily is expensive but is more than abundant so that everybody will love it. Pasta, chicken, slider have become one of the most favorite food. Actually the most number one favorite food in this country is Franks and Blankets and that was on the cover of the New York Times home section about two years ago. So fancier food does not make for a better wedding. Good, home, delicious food makes for a better wedding. Nobody ever comes and says they didn't serve me X, they just say whether Y was good or bad. So you can certainly spend less money on using less expensive food choices but that are absolutely tasty and delicious and abundant. A DJ is a much more cost efficient way to do music than a band because a DJ can offer you various kinds of music. Everything in the world probably, most DJ's have on their computers and then it's paying for one person and not for a very big band. One can also look to borrow clothing. One can look online, one can ask friends. There are definitely ways of doing clothing for less expensive. Filene's Basement actually runs a one day sale on wedding gowns, which they cover on the Today show and the CBS News and show you hundreds of girls waiting to get dresses for under a hundred dollars. You look for sample sales if you wanna buy your own, but then again, friends is a very good way of getting clothing, wearing something beautiful and it costing you less.

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