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What Does an Equalizer Do for Your Car Audio?

Learn what an equalizer does for your car audio in this Howcast car stereo video with expert Movin' On.


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An equalizer can help improve your sound by compensating for the inconsistencies in a car. You have wind. You have road noise. And then you have the interior of the car. Grills over the speakers. Improper locations of speakers. You have to deal with these whether you like them or not. For instance, if a speaker is mounted down in the door with a grill covering it, it's gonna drown out some of the treble and mix. By boosting up the treble a little bit, you'll bring your sound stage up and it'll make it sound a little better. You can compensate for the location of the speaker. Most car stereos come with a two band equalizer at the very least. The two bands are bass and treble. If you get an after market car stereo, chances are it's gonna come with at least three bands; bass, mid, and treble. As you go to higher end stereos, you're gonna have five band equalizers, ten band equalizers, twelve and more. The higher end the car stereo, usually, the more complex of an equalizer it will have. By using these equalizers, you can compensate for all sorts of challenges in your listening environment. Some equalizers are built into complex sound processors. Sound processors will actually monitor the sound in your car with a microphone, and make the adjustments in your car automatically to compensate for your vehicle's interior. If you start at the left side of the equalizer, you have low frequencies. The right side of the equalizer is high frequencies. By adjusting a specific equalizer band, you're adjusting the prevalence of that frequency. The more you turn up the ones at the bottom, the more bass you're gonna have. The more you adjust the ones at the top, the more treble you're gonna have. Adding an equalizer to your car is not really as easy as it sounds. Usually it's gonna involve replacing your car stereo. If you have an after market car stereo, chances are your gonna have an equalizer built in. But a digital equalizer can be added with the addition of a sound processor. If you have a factory car stereo, you really can't add much of an equalizer at all unless you start adding amplifiers and things like that.

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