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4 Car Audio Security Tips

Learn four important car audio security tips in this Howcast car stereo video with expert Movin' On.


Hi, my name is Movin On and I have been working in the field of car audio and mobile electronics for over 8 years. I have installed everything from navigation systems to full car stereo systems, remote starters, alarms and beyond. To learn more, visit our website at

Today, I am going to be sharing with you my knowledge on car audio and mobile electronics. If you have invested in an expensive car stereo system, you may want to protect it from theft. You should avoid putting stickers and blatant advertisements to your car's contents on the outside. You are just telling thieves what is inside of your car and how worth it it is to break in.

If you have an expensive head unit, you may want to take advantage of the fact that it has a detachable face-plate. A detachable face-plate allows you to remove the front of the radio therefore hiding the brand and hiding the part that is actually expensive. Also, if a thief were to steal your stereo without the face-place, it would be next to useless.

You are also going to want to take advantage of simple things like tonneau covers. Most SUVs come with a little rolly tonneau cover that you can cover up the contents of the trunk with. By covering up the cargo area, you can cover up your subwoofers and amplifiers and not make it known that they are in the car.

You also might want to invest in a car alarm system. Car alarm systems are great for protecting the content inside of a car. The flashing red light is going to be a deterrent to thieves. An alarm that goes off is going to give you fair warning if somebody is tampering with your vehicle.

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