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Latest Car Audio Trends

Learn the latest trends in car audio in this Howcast car stereo video with expert Movin' On.


Hi my name is Movin On, and I've been working in the field of car audio and mobile electronics for 8 over years. I've installed everything from navigation systems to full car stereo systems, remote starters, alarms, and beyond. To learn more, visit our web site at Today, I'm going to be sharing with you my knowledge on car audio and mobile electronics.

We've seen car stereos go from everything from AM to FM to CD. Then, to satellite radio and now, to iPod. And the next big trend is smartphone integration because everybody has smartphones, and everybody has internet connection on them at all times. We're seeing services like Pandora come to the car. There are a lot of different ways to stream music to the car stereo through your smartphone. One of the most popular ways is Bluetooth stereo streaming. Bluetooth audio gives you the ability to play anything that's on your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone through you car stereo speakers wirelessly. You can leave it in your pocket. You can throw it in your cup holder. It's going to play the audio out of your car stereo speakers in high fidelity in stereo. Another advantage of Bluetooth car stereos is that you can send and receive phone calls directly through your dash. You get a phone call, you're listening to music, the sound's going to cut out, you're going to see the name of the person on the screen, press the phone button and you start talking. When you're done with the call, your music's going to pick right up where it left off. Potentially, you could use your cell phone for everything in the car. You can play your favorite Pandora radio station from the cell phone. A phone call comes into the cell phone and then, the car stereo takes over for the phone call. So, really, it's moved from the car stereo to iPods, smartphones and portable media, and the car stereos give you a way to input that into your car.

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