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How to Relax Your Pelvis & Legs with Guided Relaxation

Learn guided relaxation exercises that relax your pelvis and legs from wellness consultant Samantha Ibarguen in this stress management video from Howcast.


I'm Samantha Ibarguen and I'm an energy healer and a wellness consultant in New York City. You can find out more about me and what I do at Integrated Wellness —
When you're feeling stressed, when you're worrying about something, or when you've got anxiety about something, a great thing to do is first to take a nice deep breath and to do progressive muscle relaxation.

So, we're gonna do that together, and we're gonna focus on the pelvis and the legs. So as you do this with me, you can gently close your eyes. And as you close your eyes just take a couple of gentle deep breaths. Just starting to slow things down. This is a great way to come back to yourself after a hectic day. And, starting with your pelvis. Just relaxing and releasing the muscles in your hips. Feeling the weight of gravity on your body. Allowing your body to sink more deeply into your chair. Letting your soas go. Just imagining that the bones of your hips are heavy and relaxed. Now moving on to your thighs. Relaxing the muscles of your quads and your hamstrings. Again, just allowing your legs to be nice and heavy. You can even take this moment to let go of your knees, whatever that means to you. Just relaxing your knees, letting go of your knees in the front, in your kneecaps, and behind your knees.
Now moving down to your shins and your calves, and again even relaxing and releasing the ankles. Whatever that means to you, however that feels. Just bringing some loving attention to your ankles who work so hard for you.
And letting go of the feet. Letting your toes go. Just letting your feet feel nice and heavy.
Doing this kind of muscle relaxation is a great way to gently close out a hectic day.

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