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What Is Guided Meditation?

Learn what guided meditation is from wellness consultant Samantha Ibarguen in this stress management video from Howcast.


I'm Samantha Ibarguen and I'm an energy healer and a wellness consultant in New York City. You can find out more about me and what I do at Integrated Wellness —

Guided meditation is when your meditation is led by someone talking you through a journey for a specific purpose, like self discovery or relaxation. It's a great way to meditate if you don't have any previous experience, it's also a great way to meditate if you're worried about keeping your mind clear. Because in guided meditation, your mind is doing the job of taking you deeper into your journey. If you're working with a meditation teacher or a healer, you can ask them to specifically tailor a guided meditation for you. You can tell them what you'd like to achieve, and they can record it, and you can take it home with you and do it at home. You can also buy a guided meditation. You can go online or you can go to your local wellness store. See before you buy it, if you can't listen to the meditation. Make sure that you like the person's voice, that the pace that they're speaking at is fast enough or slow enough, that if there's any music, it's pleasing to you. Just make sure you like the over all feel of the recording. And finally, when you're doing your guided meditation, find yourself in a comfortable seated position, make sure that you're wearing comfy clothes, put aside an allotted amount of time so that you're undisturbed. And make sure that you're environment is nice and quiet, so you can really get the full benefit of the meditation that you've chosen.

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