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3 Anxiety Relief Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Learn three ways to relieve anxiety from wellness consultant Samantha Ibarguen in this stress management video from Howcast.


I'm Samantha Ibarguen and I'm an energy healer and a wellness consultant in New York City. You can find out more about me and what I do at Integrated Wellness —

Anxiety is constant worrying — it's a symptom of prolonged stress. So, one of the first things that you wanna do when you are dealing with anxiety is to notice when you are worrying. Notice when your mind is in a negative feedback loop, trying to solve a problem over and over without any result. The next thing you wanna do is to stay in the present moment. Bringing yourself back into the present moment, bringing yourself into the now will help you most likely to realize that what it is that you are worrying about is not actually happening, which is really empowering and really liberating. And sometimes surprising because we tend to get stuck in our heads and if you can just be with what actually is, then you realize, ""Oh, what I'm actually worrying about is not happening right now.""
So, finally what you wanna do is make a plan, and to do that, you wanna write down what it is that you are worried about onto a piece of paper. Take a pen and paper, put it in black and white and articulate whatever it is that's in your mind so that you can actually see it. You're taking it out of the realm of ""what-if's"" into concrete reality and right in front of you. You then wanna formulate an action plan. What steps can you take to start to address your worry, and I guarantee you that as soon as you start to get into action around what you are worried about, you are gonna immediately start to feel better.

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