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Satellite Radio FAQs

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about satellite radio in this Howcast car stereo video with expert Movin' On.


Hi my name is Movin On, and I've been working in the field of car audio and mobile electronics for 8 over years. I've installed everything from navigation systems to full car stereo systems, remote starters, alarms, and beyond. To learn more, visit our web site at

Satellite radios are one of the most popular forms of in-car media today. There are a lot of questions we get about satellite radio, and there are a lot of common misconceptions. First of all, there is the misconception that satellite radio is going to give you TV quality sound, and that is actually not the case. A lot of the times you are going to see digital quality sound, and all that means is that satellite radio is digital. Typically, satellite radio is not gonna have static, it's gonna have relatively good sound quality, but it's not gonna sound anywhere near as good as a CD or even HD radio. If you have a car that you want to retro-fit with satellite radio, there are add-on tuners and there are stereos that can be replaced to have satellite radio. A replacement radio is going to allow you to scan through the stations right from the buttons on the dash just as if it was part of the car and an add-on tuner is going to be a little tuner that you are going to mount on the dash and it's gonna give you satellite radio right through your normal FM. You're gonna change to 88.7 or some other station, turn it on, and it's gonna come through the speakers. If your car came from the factory with satellite radio pre-installed, all you have to do is call up XM and Sirius and activate your subscription. Your satellite radio will come right through the speakers. Oftentimes you will see a stereo that says "satellite radio ready." What "satellite radio ready" means is that it does not have satellite radio, but it has the connectors that are required to install satellite radio. What are the challenges of satellite radio reception? If you live in an area without a lot of trees and hills you're gonna have no problem with satellite radio and the reception is going to be much, much better than AM and FM. As for areas with lots of hills and trees, it can sometimes be frustrating. If you go under a big overpass, sometimes satellite radio can cut out.

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