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How to Make Your Own Paintball Grenade

Learn how to make your own paintball grenade from paintball pro Mike "Pev" Peverill in this Howcast video.


My name is Mike Peverill. I'm here at Pev's Paintball Park in Aldie, Virginia. I've been playing paintball nearly 30 years. I've played professional paintball with numerous pro teams all over the world. This facility here was built from the ground up for paintball, kind of like a paintball Disney Land. Our website is Hopefully you can come out and visit us sometime.

I get asked all the time how to make my own paintball grenades, and I try to tell people it's really not worth trying to make your own paintball grenade.You're better off just paying $6 and buying one, or $5, depending on what quality you get. What happens is you pull the wrapper off, and once you throw it, it hits the ground, the rubber band falls off, and this thing will start spinning. The pressure behind the tube is like a water balloon, but instead of exploding out, because it's a harder material, it just shoots it out the end, as the grenade spins the tube spins, that's how you get spray.

Well, you'd have to make your own paint formula, which is basically taking some food coloring or dye, some water, something starchy to kind of make it thick, but really what happens now is just a matter of pressurizing this. You can't do it with water balloons, because water balloons will burst all the time when you're walking with it. It's just too hard. You can if you walk fragile-y with it, but it's not the best experience. I tell people all the time, by the time you order the cervical tubing and the stuff to make the paintball grenade, you could have already played, bought the grenade for $5 or $6, and had a good time and not even worried about it.

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