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How to Do Warm-Up Exercises for Ballet

Learn how to do warm-up exercises properly from ballerina Maegan Woodin in this Howcast ballet dance video.


My name is Maegan Woodin, and I'm a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher and student. I have danced for MTV, Diana Ross, Marc Jacobs and have appeared in many music videos. You can find more information about me and my career, as well as photos and videos, at I'm going to be talking to you about ballet. When you are warming up for a ballet class, you want to make sure that you've sugared the areas that you will be using. The important areas are your IT bands, opening up your hips, the top of your thighs and also your IT bands. You can also stretch your neck, which is really good to create movement. Just press slightly down and you can dip your head down to the side. And also you should try to find mobility in your shoulders and your back by bending your back up and rolling up. And this can be done from a standing position. You can roll up and down your spine. Another good idea is to maybe do some push-ups which help engage the side of your back, which is very important for aerobics, for using your arms and for creating a very strong back. Also it's a good idea to do some abdominal exercises. Simple rolling up is a good idea as well as just simply coming up and down which engages those muscles. Both your back and abs are part of your core and that's very essential for dancing, so they should be fully warmed up as well as completing all the stretches.

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