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What Is a Pokemon Energy Card?

Learn what an energy card is from the Pokemon Trading Card Game pros at Comic Cafe in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Joe D'Andrea, a Pokemon professor at Comic Cafe in Warren New Jersey, and we're here to show you how to play the Pokemon trading card game.

Pokemon need energy to attack. Different Pokemon need different energy. Sometimes different amounts of energy, too. There are eight basic energy cards and some special ones, too. The basic energies are grass, fire, water, lightning, psychic, fighting, darkness, and metal. As you might imagine, water-type Pokemon have an advantage over fire-type Pokemon, and so on. If a Pokemon attack calls for colorless energy, any energy is fair game. Special energy cards are like basic energy cards, but with extra abilities. Also, only four of the same kind of special energy cards are allowed in a deck. We have double colorless, rainbow, darkness, metal and rescue energy. Each one has a special ability itself.

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