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How to Determine a Pokemon Card's Value

Learn how to determine a card's value from the Pokemon Trading Card Game pros at Comic Cafe in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Joe D'Andrea, a Pokemon professor at Comic Cafe in Warren New Jersey, and we're here to show you how to play the Pokemon trading card game.

Ask ten different people what the value of a Pokemon card is, and you're probably going to get ten different answers. It's very subjective to people; the card is as valuable as you perceive it to be. That said, there are pricing standards people put on these cards. If you're in a league, ask your league leader for some advice and suggestions on where to get pricing. Check with your local gaming shop. If they sell cards there, chances are pretty good that they'll have a handle on current pricing. If you are selling cards, please be respectful if you are in a gaming shop. Do not trade cards for cash in a game shop because you're doing business on their premises. Collectible shops tend to set their own value, as they deal in a very high volume of cards. If you buy a card online, keep in mind the price of a card will be highest, in general, after its set's released, and then it will settle down to what the public is willing to pay for it. Values of cards do fluctuate. For example, after a tournament, a really popular card may go up in value as a result because it appeared and was very popular in that tournament.

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