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How to Trade Cards Pokemon Online

Learn how to trade Pokemon cards online in this Pokemon Trading Card Game tutorial from Howcast.


Hi, I'm Joe D'Andrea, a Pokemon professor at Comic Cafe in Warren New Jersey, and we're here to show you how to play the Pokemon trading card game.

Online forums are a common place to find traders. When trading, you want to prepare two lists: a list of what you have and a list of what you want. Make sure you put down the condition of the cards that you have. Card condition can be subjective. For an example of card grading standards you can use to apply your cards, you can visit Be aware of you trading with. One way to do this is to look on the forum for feedback from other traders from past trades. There are no guarantees that the cards you ask for are the cards you're going to get. If you want to be sure, ask for a picture. If you are new to trading online, you obviously won't have a high reputation, so chances are you are going to need to send your card to the other trader first. As people leave positive feedback for you, your reputation will improve. If you are uncomfortable trading with a trader directly, look up a moderator on the forum who can act as a proxy. They will receive card from both traders, check them, and trade them in the other direction. When preparing a card for mailing, it's common policy to protect it. Place it in a sleeve. Sometimes you may place the sleeve in a top loader and then that in a padded mailer. If you are trading cards of high value be sure to include tracking and insurance before you ship, and always remember when you done to leave feedback to your fellow trader.

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