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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 4 - Church - Harley Quinn

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City and find out how to get into the church and find Harley Quinn.


Inmate 1: She just broke free and slashed his face. It looked bad. There was blood and claw marks. He looked like he was crying.

Inmate 2: You cold?

Inmate 3: Course I'm cold. It's like 10 below out here and Harley left us outside to freeze to death. Crazy bitch. Bet she's nice and warm in there.

Inmate 2: Take it easy, man. I'm just asking. Who was that lady? The one who got dragged off?

Inmate 3: No idea. Just one of the losers from the church. Bunch of do-gooders if you ask me. Hope the Joker hurts her bad.

Inmate 2: Odds are he will. He ain't been his usual happy self for a while now.

Inmate 1: Do you think the rumors are true?

Inmate 2: What? That Harley used to be a dude?

Inmate 1: Na, the ones about the Joker dying.

Inmate 2: No idea, man. But, he didn't look too good last time I saw him.

Inmate 1: When was that? I ain't seen him for months.

Inmate 2: Me neither. Way I see it, if big J dies, this place becomes an all-out war zone.

Inmate 1: Batman! It's Batman!

TYGER Helicopter: We have positive ID on Batman. He is kicking all kinds of ass down there.

Inmate 4: Come on, Bat! Come fight me!

TYGER Helicopter: Batman wins.

Inmate 4: Don't know where you're going, Bat. But this ain't over.

Batman: I'm at the church. It looks like Harley Quinn is inside.

Alfred: That dreadful woman is no doubt setting a trap for you.

Batman: Don't worry, Alfred. Quinn never was too smart. I'll be okay.

Harley: Coming through, B-man! Ow.

Inmate 5: Let the lady go, bat freak! Or these people all get a bullet in their heads!

Harley: I think you should do what he says. It would be a shame to get blood all over my nice new outfit. What do you think, Bat-Brain? Like it? What am I saying, of course you do. Who wouldn't? So, anyway. Here's the deal. Mister J is really not up to a visit right now. He's not feeling himself . . . Well, actually, he was earlier, but that's not what I meant. He's not doing so good and that idiot doctor I sent from here didn't help. I've seen more smarts from these bozos. I've got to run, boys. If he tries anything funny, kill him!

Batman: Attacking armed thugs head on is suicide. I need to disappear, pick them off silently, one by one.

Inmate 5: Don't you move, Batman. Just stay there and this will all end okay.

Inmate 6: What do you mean "end okay?"

Inmate 7: He's vanished! He disappeared!

Batman: They don't know where I am. Good, let's keep it that way. Time to survey the room. Plan out my tactics. Four thugs, all armed, two hostages. This is gonna be easy.

Inmate 5: We need to get out of here!

Inmate 6: He's going to get us!

Inmate 5: Batman, can you hear me? Try and get us and these people die.

Batman: That idiot thinks he's safe in the confessional. He's just made it easier for me to get in behind him.

Inmate 6: That won't stop him. Oh, man, I'm going to die in here.

Doctor: I'm here to help you people. Why are you doing this?

Batman: You're safe. Stay quiet.

Inmate 8: Do you see him?

Batman: If I get behind those two without being seen, I can take them both in one move.

Inmate 6: He could come from anywhere.

Inmate 8: Stay calm! Bat! Can you hear me? Get out of here. Leave now or the bitch has a hole where her head used to be!

Inmate 6: Yeah! Leave us alone!

Batman: You'll be okay. Wait here and don't make a noise.

He's got a hostage. I can glide to the scaffolding above him without being seen and take him down from there.

The room is secure, you're safe now!

Aaron: Thank God. Yo, Batman, thanks for the help!

William: I'll get you free, Doc.

Doctor: Thank you.

Aaron: Okay, people, listen up. We're in control here, not these animals. I want this place locked down tight. All medical staff, check supplies, find out if anything was taken.

Doctor: What about Stacy? Isn't anyone going after her?

Aaron: I don't know if any of you just noticed, but Batman just saved our asses. If anyone can find her, he'll do it. Okay, does everyone understand? Look after the wounded. Keep the bad guys out. We're a team! Let's keep it that way!

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