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How to Understand the Beauty of Bodybuilding

Understand the beauty of bodybuilding with expert Skip La Cour in this Howcast weightlifting video.


My name is Skip La Cour; I am a 6-time national champion, drug-free bodybuilder. You can learn how to improve your bodybuilding and training efforts by visiting my websites,, And today I'm going to talk to you about bodybuilding. I'm going to help you understand the beauty of bodybuilding when most people think about bodybuilders they think about big huge muscular people. The truth of the matter is that bodybuilding is for everyone no matter what your age, no matter what your size, no matter what your sex you can enjoy the beauty of bodybuilding. Its all about developing each muscle group evenly and balanced and when you back it up with good eating habits and you loose a lot of the body fat you can create allusion of beauty and size. The other beauty of bodybuilding is the challenge of setting up your life style with structure and organization with your training habits and your eating habits so you work consistently towards your bodybuilding and training and your physique goals. Its stepping up to that challenge every single day, bouncing back from disappointments, getting back on track, that's when you start really developing the beauty of bodybuilding so as you can see its a lot more than the physical beauty its a life style organization and when you can master that you'll surely understand the beauty of bodybuilding.

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