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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 5 - Bell Tower

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City and catch up with your old friend the Joker.


Batman: The gunshot came from the bell tower. I need to find a way up there.

Cash: Big guard you've got here, Batman.

Batman: After what happened at the asylum, I thought you'd settle for a quiet desk job.

Cash: Yeah, right. When Sharp closed down the asylum, it turned out there wasn't much work for an ex security guard who failed to stop a mass breakout. This is the only work I can get.

Batman: What happened back there wasn't your fault, Cash. What was Harley Quinn doing here?

Cash: That crazy bitch busted in a couple of hours ago with the rest of these idiots. Took something up the tower, then blew up the staircase.

Batman: Thanks. I'll check it out.

Cash: Wait. I mean . . . Sorry, Batman. I forgot. A couple of them grabbed one of the docs. Quinn said something about needing her to fix up the Joker.

Batman: If she's alive, I'll find her. You concentrate on securing this church. It should keep you all safe.

Cash: Will do. Hope you find the doc. Her name's Stacy Baker. She's one of the good ones.

Batman: The gunshot came from the bell tower. I need to find a way up there.

Guard: I remember when Harley Quinn took control of the Pacification Chamber. That could be a sign.

Batman: Are you all right?

Man: I am, but this poor guy got hurt pretty bad when that crazy woman attacked. This whole place is a melting pot of gangs and violence. If you don't fit in, you tend not to last too long.

Batman: What happened to this prisoner?

Worker: He's not a prisoner. He's a doctor.

Batman: Was he attacked?

Worker: No. It's terrible, really. He transferred here, but I think it was too much for him. We didn't realize he was losing it, and he'd have . . . We should have noticed.

Batman: Noticed what?

Worker: He was stealing supplies. Anesthetics, mostly. He used them when he . . . When he cut his own face off. I found him. He was sitting in the corner laughing. His face was missing. I wrapped him up and sedated him. Who knows what's in that case he's holding onto? We couldn't pry it loose.

TV reporter: More news on the hour's most dramatic story. We now have confirmation [inaudible 00:03:06]

Woman: Lie still. You'll be okay.

Woman Two: What happened?

Woman: Harley Quinn burst in with a squad of prisoners.

Man: Please try and relax.

Computer Riddler voice: Hello, dark knight, did you find that easy? You were supposed to. That was merely a taste of what is to come. You will regret trying to outsmart me. You will solve my riddles, and you will collect my trophies. You may not want to, but you must. It's a matter of life and death.

Batman: There's the gun. It looks like it's being controlled remotely by Joker.

Joker: Well, look who it is. I haven't seen you for . . . How long has it been? Let's see. There was an asylum, some monsters and . . . Oh, that's right! You left me to die. Now, you probably don't remember it that way, but who cares? You just need to worry about the bombs. Hurry up, now. Clock's ticking.

Batman: Alfred, I've got a lock on the signal used to remotely control the sniper rifle. Joker's behind this.

Alfred: Was there ever any doubt?

Batman: The radio signal should lead me right to him.

Alfred: Good luck, sir.

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