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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 8 - Sionis Steel Mill

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City and save Doctor Stacy Baker from the Joker in Sionis Steel Mill.


Harley: What the hell are you doing here? You're supposed to be dead! Well there's no way you're getting to Mister J. We're safe and sound up here. You can just stay down there and burn!

Batman: Alfred, Joker's holed up in the manager's office in the Steel Mill.

Alfred: I'm sure you'll find a way, sir.

Batman: Of course I will. Some of his goons dragged a doctor away. I'm going to find her first, then deal with Joker.

Harley: Oh, Mister J. It's a miracle. You look perfect. Oh no, it's not you is it?

Joker: Be quiet, Harley.

Inmate 1: No one said anything about the Bat coming here.

Inmate 2: So?

Inmate 1: I'm just saying. I thought the whole point of being locked up in here was that Batman was out there. You know, in Gotham.

Inmate 2: You scared of the Big Bad Bat?

Inmate 1: No, not scared exactly . . .

Batman: Joker's men are waiting for me. I should scope out the room to pinpoint their location.

Inmate 1: Well, he broke three of my ribs back in the asylum, my arm six months ago.

Batman: They've got that doorway covered. I need to find a different way to get past Joker's men.

Inmate 2: He better make sure he don't come too close.

Inmate 1: [Inaudible] man, you've never seen him in action.

Inmate 2: And when I do, I'm gonna teach them not to mess with me. Harley wants him dead, and I want a piece of Harley.

Inmate 1: Are you insane? Harley? Have you forgotten about her boyfriend?

Inmate 2: The way I hear it, the whole world will have forgotten about her boyfriend soon enough. Then I get a ride on the Harley.

Inmate 3: Or a bullet in the face. Seriously. Don't get too cocky. Batman's dangerous. Hell, Harley's dangerous.

Inmate 4: Did you hear . . .

Inmate 5: He's here. Don't let him get in!

Inmate 6: You take the door.

Stacy: Help me! Someone!

Inmate 5: Shut it, doc! I hear any more of your yapping and I'll blow your face off. Understand?

Inmate 7: He got away! He used some kind of smoke.

Stacy: Oh, please! Help me!

Inmate 5: Shut it, bitch. You're my ticket out of here.

Harley: You don't wanna let little old me down, do you, boys?

Inmate 7: He's up there! I'll cover this way!

Inmate 5: We can stop anytime you like, doc. Just tell us how to fix J.

Inmate 4: It's gotten quiet out there.

Inmate 8: Stay here, I'll go check it out.

Harley: Come on, suck it up, you little girls!

Inmate 5: Can I get you something, doc? How about a painkiller? Just tell us how to fix the Joker and you can crawl outta here.

I can do this all night, bitch.

Harley: How do you think poor Mister J is going to get better if you . . .?

Batman: Can you stand?

Stacy: Give me a second. What's wrong with these people? That crazy woman thinks I can fix the Joker.

Batman: What's wrong with him?

Stacy: There's something in his blood, some kind of toxin. It's killing him. He blames something called Titan.

Batman: TITAN?

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