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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 9 - Sionis Steel Mill

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and break into Joker's office in the Sionis Steel Mill loading bay.


Batman: Can you stand?

Stacy: Give me a second. What's wrong with these people? That crazy woman thinks I can fix the Joker.

Batman: What's wrong with him?

Stacy: There's something in his blood. Some kind of toxin. It's killing him. He blames something called Titan.

Batman: Titan?

Stacy: Yeah, do you know what he's talking about? He kept going on about his last laugh.

Harley: Uh, uh, Doc. Isn't that information supposed to be confidential?

Stacy: What's happening? How does she know what we are saying?

Harley: Get that door sealed up nice and tight, boys. We don't want the vermin escaping, do we?

Stacy: At least they won't be getting in. We're safe, right?

Batman: Wait here, doctor.

Stacy: What the hell are you doing?

Batman: I need to get out of here. Someone needs to stop Joker. Stay here. You'll be safe.

Stacy: You sure?

Batman: If you hear anyone coming, hide. I'll be back.

I should head back to the Loading Bay. It's the only route to Joker.

Quinn slowed me down. I need to get back after Joker.

Inmate 1: And what? We just wait for the Bat to try and break through the door, and then we jump him?

Inmate 2: That's the plan.

Inmate 1: It's not a plan. It's a suicide note.

Inmate 2: I'm not scared of him. The door's welded shut and he's just some freak in a costume.

Inmate 1: Okay, then you stand in front.

Inmate 2: Why? You chicken?

Inmate 3: Will you two just shut the hell up and get ready? I don't like this anymore than you do. But . . .

Inmate 2: Batman! It's Batman!

Inmate 3: I'll kill you, freak.

Hugo Strange: Protocol 10 will commence in nine hours.

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