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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 10 - Mister Hammer

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and defeat Mister Hammer in the Sionis Steel Mill loading bay.


Batman: I need to get into Joker's office first.

Harley Quinn: What's wrong with you B-man? You come into Mister J's home and start smashing it to pieces. Don't you know he's sick? Surprise, B-man. Meet Mr. Hammer. He's going to teach you some manners.

Abramovici: This is going to hurt.

Fighter 1: I will bury you!

Fighter 2: You're going to die tonight.

Harley Quinn: If he gets up, I'm gonna knock you boys down. Permanently!

Fighter 3: We are gonna hurt you Batman.

Fighter 4: I'll make sure this hurts, you bat freak.

Abramovici: You will die here, Bat.

Harley Quinn: Get him on the ground and kick him hard

Abramovici: I will crush every bone in your body.

Harley Quinn: Give him a kick from Mister J!

Fighter 5: You're going to die Batman.

Fighter 6: You're going to die, freak.

Abramovici: I will bury you!

Harley Quinn: No! Why, why, why, why, why? You!

Batman Get out of my way, Quinn.

Harley Quinn: Leave us alone, B-man. Just leave me with him.

Batman: I said move.

Harley Quinn: This is all your fault! You've hounded him for years, beat him to a pulp, and for what? Why are you so mean?

Joker: Surprise! You fell for the old fake Joker gag, Batman.

Harley Quinn: Batter up!

Catwoman: Sounds like the detective will be busy with the Joker for a while. Good, gives this kitten some time to play. So, what next? Help tall, brooding, and handsome or help myself to all the loot Professor Strange has locked up in that vault of his? I know, difficult choice right? Hmm, what will it be? Find Croc and have him rip a hole into the vault? Ask Penguin for some explosives? Not my style. I always prefer a woman's touch in these situations. Stay where you are, Ivy. I'm coming to get you. I need to get my kit from my apartment. No way I can face Ivy without my things. I'd be naked without them.

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