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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 11 - Catwoman - Poison Ivy's Lair

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and enter Poison Ivy's lair.


Catwoman: Stay where you are Ivy. I'm coming to get you. I need to get my kit from my apartment. No way I can face Ivy without my things. I'd be naked without them.

Inmate 1: Nah, the boss will be okay. Batman's just an inconvenience.

Inmate 2: Yeah. He'll regroup, find a way to take over.

Political Prisoner 1: I don't think they heard us.

Political Prisoner 2: Look, I told you I was sorry, I lost track.

Political Prisoner 1: Let's hope it doesn't get us killed.

Political Prisoner 2 They're too busy killing each other to notice us heading back to the lab.

Political Prisoner 3: I don't understand why they even want to fight for this place. Two-Face ends up owning that bit of street. So what? He's still stuck in here.

Inmate 3: How are we supposed to find out where she lives anyway?

Inmate 4: Two-Face said she lives somewhere near here.

Inmate 3: So what? How does he know?

Inmate 4: How am I supposed to know. I don't question the boss. You shouldn't either.

Inmate 3: I know,I know.

Inmate 5: Who let Catwoman in here?

Catwoman: It's good to be home. Okay Selina, time to find Ivy. Let's hope she's forgiven me. Of course she has. She wouldn't hold a grudge.

Hello, Ivy. You here?

Poison Ivy: You shouldn't have come here!

Catwoman: Oh, come on. You're not seriously going to hold that against me forever, are you?

Poison Ivy: You killed them all.

Catwoman: They were just flowers, Ivy. I'll buy you some new ones. I know a place that . . . Come on, Red. Can't we just . . . Oh, for the love of . . . Hey, Pammy, here's an idea. If you want a boyfriend, how about trying the dating route? Beats this voodoo crap.

Poison Ivy: Save me from this ugly intruder. A billion micro-organisms will enter your bloodstream. Spores will grow, replacing the blood in your veins and when I'm done, your flesh will be replaced with bark.

Catwoman: Are you done,Red?

Poison Ivy: Do you really think you can beat Mother Nature?

You can't outrun nature, Selina. My spores will fill your lungs and kill you from within.

Catwoman: Are we done yet, Ivy? I just want to talk. That's all.

Poison Ivy: If you're still breathing, it's not over.

Catwoman: She's consistent. I'll give her that.

Poison Ivy: I've spent weeks perfecting the toxins that will destroy your pathetic meat sack of a body.

Catwoman: Look, Red, I just need you help.

Poison Ivy: Never!

Catwoman: Not again.

Poison Ivy: You've got some nerve, Selina.

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