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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 12 - Joker's Trap - Finding Mr. Freeze

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and escape the joker's trap.


Joker: Get back here, Harley!

Harley: But I want to know who he is, sweetie.

Joker: No one's who they think the are, my dear. Why spoil the fun?

Batman: It was all a lie. There's nothing wrong with you.

Joker: Nice of you to say, but you of all people should know there's plenty wrong with me. Take my blood, for example. I wish somebody would, this stuff is killing me.

Batman: Why should I care?

Joker: Because now there's a teeny little bit of me in you too, Bats. Oh come on. Don't tell me it's not what you always wanted. Look, we're running out of time. I need your help. I nearly had a cure. It was so close, and then it was taken from me.

Batman: So we both die. I'm fine with that.

Joker: Are you? Imagine sucking down that last breath knowing that Gotham is doing the same.

Batman: What are you talking about?

Joker: Oh, didn't I say? I've spent weeks shipping samples of my blood to emergency rooms all over the city.

Batman: So that's Protocol Ten, poison Gotham. I expected more.

Joker: Protocol Ten? Never heard of it. Hold tight. I'll be in touch!

Batman: I'm listening.

Joker: Is someone feeling a little down?

Batman: What do you want?

Joker: Oh Bats, cheer up. It won't kill you. Oops.

Batman: Where is the cure? Who has it?

Joker: I had our cold-hearted friend Mister Freeze making it, but he's gone dark on me.

Batman: I'll find him.

Joker: I'll bet you . . .

Batman: Alfred, Joker's poisoned me. He may have poisoned Gotham too. Mister Freeze has the only cure.

Alfred: What are you waiting for then? He's in Arkham City. Find him.

Batman: If only it was that simple. He'll be somewhere cold. He needs to be kept at subzero temperatures to survive.

Alfred: I don't wish to worry you, but it is the middle of winter out there.

Batman: I noticed. I've calibrated the cowl to track heat signatures. I'll find the coldest point in Arkham City.

Freeze's lab must be this way. I'm definitely heading toward the coldest point.

Joker: Woooo. I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier. A hotline straight to my bestest friend in the world. Just think, I can call you up whenever I get bored. I think our relationship is really maturing here. The next thing you know is we'll be exchanging emails or meeting up for romantic dinners.

Political Prisoner: Batman, Please help me!

Batman: The old GCPD building? Freeze must be using one of the old forensic labs. I've got to get in there.

Inmate 1: What's stopping it?

Inmate 2: The door. It's shut tight.

Inmate 1: So what now?

Inmate 3: You two keep trying to get in. I'll blow their faces off if they try to get out.

Inmate 1: And then what? We just grab Freeze and take him back to the Joker?

Inmate 4: Sounds like a plan.

Inmate 5: Think you can hide from me? Grenade!

Inmate 6: Oh God. Everyone, get your asses over here now!

Inmate 7: Wake up! Do you hear me? Wake up! Show yourself, chicken!

Inmate 8: Huh?

Inmate 9: It came from over here. I'm sure of it.

Batman: Throwing another Batarang will give away my position.

Inmate 10: Is that supposed to scare me? Come on, where are you?

Inmate 11: I'll cover this way.

Inmate 10: What? I'm sure it came from over there.

TYGER Helicopter: Target is lit. I repeat, we have positive on Batman.

Inmate 10: He went above us.

Inmate 11: What?

Hugo Strange: All prisoner must surrender themselves for psychological profiling at regular stages. Refusal will not be tolerated.

Inmate 12: He's gone. I lost him. Find him now!

Inmate 13: Huh? It came from over here. I'm sure of it.

Inmate 14: There you are, Bat. Get over here. I've found Batman!

Inmate 15: What?

Inmate 16: Over here! I got him!

Penguin: Can you hear me? What's going on? Oh, for the love of . . . If any of you idiots at the GCDP are still capable of breathing, switch to channel Puffin-Zero. Do you understand? Puffin-Zero, now!

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