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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 13 - Finding Mr. Freeze - GCPD Building

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and track Mr. Freeze to the Gotham Police Department Forensics Lab.


Batman: If I hack this radio I'll be able to listen in to all of Penguin's communications.

Inmate 1: Joker's crew are still outside, Mr. Cobblepot.

Penguin: Good, make sure it stays that way.

Batman: No problem.

Inmate 1: Listen up. The boss wants this place held tight. No one in or out. You see one of Joker's crew, waste them.

Inmate 2: What about Batman?

Inmate 1: Kill him too.

Inmate 2: Just like that?

Inmate 1: Just like that.

Inmate 2: What does it look like?

Inmate 1: How do I know?

Inmate 2: So how will we know when we find it? What does Freeze do here, anyway?

Inmate 1: No idea. All I know is Penguin wants it, that's good enough for me.

Batman: Penguin's keeping track of his crew using heartbeat monitors. He'll know each time I take someone out. I need to move quickly.

Inmate 3: What?

Inmate 4: Over here! I got him. He's over here! Grenade! He's gone! I've lost him. Find him now! He's disappeared! Where the hell's he gone?

Penguin: I'm running out of patience. You're running out of people. Let's see what runs out first!

Inmate 1: Penguin gave an order, so move! Oh, God! Everyone, get your asses over here, now!

Inmate 2: What?

Inmate 4: I'm sure it came from over there! I'm not scared! You hear me? I'm not scared of you! Come on, where are you?

Inmate 1: Come on, he went this way!

Inmate 2: What the . . . Smoke.

Inmate 5: Please! I give up

Penguin: All alone, son. You'd better not . . .

Batman: Where's Freeze?

Penguin Piss me off by dying.

Inmate 4: He's in a museum! Penguin's got him!

Penguin: I'd hate to have to wake you up to kill you again. I'll have to cut that tongue out of your head, boy!

Inmate 4: No!

Penguin: I don't like people telling tales on me.

Inmate 4: No, I'm sorry Mr. Cobblepot. He made me tell him.

Penguin: You can have him, Batman. I'm safe and sound here at my museum. Try and get me if you like. I've plenty of surprises ready for you if you do, starting right now.

Batman: That doesn't sound good. Alfred.

Alfred: Hello, Sir. Have you retrieved the cure from Mister Freeze?

Batman: There were complications. Penguin has got his hands on Freeze and trapped me in the GCPD building.

Alfred: You do realize that you will actually die if you don't get this cure soon.

Batman: Thanks for reminding me, Alfred. I'm in a police building. Cobblepot's obviously bribed some official into giving him the lock codes for the municipal structures. I'm downloading the unlock codes right now.

Penguin: See, I told you it would work. Blow the bridges and cut off the clown's forces, easy.

Penguin Thug: but Mr. Cobblepot, we're stuck too!

Penguin: So?

Penguin Thug: We can't get back.

Penguin: And your point is?

Penguin Thug: Well, it's just you've left us over here with the Joker's crew.

Penguin: Try to take some of them down before you die, son.

Penguin Thug: You bastard!

TYGER Helicopter: We have visuals on the explosions. Thermal scans show multiple detonation points. Over.

Command Center: Roger that AT3.

Hugo Strange: It appears that Mr. Cobblepot has has made his move. Leave them to it. If will be interesting to witness how things progress as we approach Protocol Ten.

Command Center. Affirmative. AT3, continue your patrol. Out.

Inmate 6: It sounded bad.

Inmate 7: Yeah, like a bomb going off. Maybe someone was trying to cut off access to this part of town.

Inmate 6: Must have been Penguin.

Inmate 7: Makes sense.

Inmate 8: It could of been any one of them. Penguin's got the muscle I guess, but so has the Blackmask. Hell, cutting the city in two? Could have been Harvey.

Inmate 6: No, this has Penguin written all over it. You know how much him and Joker don't get along.

Inmate 9: Look out! Batman's here!

Inmate 8: Yeah, maybe Cobblepots got the advantage with Joker being sick and all. This could be his move. Maybe we should go join up with him.

Inmate 7: You may have a point there.

Inmate 10: He's tall, kind of pale, and oh yeah, that's right, he wears a big freaking metal suit. Ring any bells?

Inmate 11: Let me go. Please.

Inmate 12: We will just as soon as you tell us where Freeze is hanging out.

Inmate 11: Do I look like I hang around with that psycho? How the hell should I know where he is?

Inmate 10: Waste him.

TYGER Guard: TYGER command, this is AT 5. I have visual on the church.

Hugo Strange: Are there signs of life?

TYGER Guard: Thermal scans reveal no movement. It's empty.

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