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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 15 - Museum - Finding Penguin's Disruptors

Check out part 16 of this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and find Penguin's Disruptors in the Gotham Museum.


Inmate 1: Is it working?

Inmate 2: According to the log, all wave frequencies are being suppressed. The entire site is radio secure.

Inmate 1: Nice. Where does Cobblepot get military-grade kit like this from?

Inmate 2: He's a collector. He's got things you've never heard of in that museum. Crazy stuff.

Inmate 1: Like what?

Inmate 2: No way, man. First thing you learn about Cobblepot . . .

Inmate 1: It's the bat!

Inmate 3: They're going after the disruptor. Someone's . . . This way. He went this way.

Penguin: Batman's done something to the jammers up top. Where are the rest of you idiots?

Penguin Thug: We've only just managed to get below ground.

Penguin: Just set it up wherever you are. Do it now! Batman's probably on his way down there. Understand?

Penguin Thug: Yes, sir, Mister Cobblepot.

Batman: The signal's blocked again. Sounds like Penguin's final jammer was activated somewhere underneath Arkham City.

Inmate 4: Don't shoot. Don't shoot.

Inmate 5: What the hell were they carrying?

Inmate 6: Penguin sent them down under ground to set up another comms disruptor. I guess he's still trying to screw with Batman.

Inmate 5: Every time Penguin powers up those things, my cell stops working.

Inmate 6: Of course it does. It blocks all communications. The clue is in the name.

Inmate 5: Yeah, I get it. I'm just saying. That's all.

Inmate 7: More snow, great.

Inmate 8: I heard Ivy was in here.

Inmate 9: That chick's . . .

Something big must be going down if Batman's here.

Inmate 10: Penguin sounded pissed.

Inmate 11: Batman's been screwing with his plans.

Batman: This panel is protected using TYGER encryption protocols. I can't decrypt it without access to the Master Control Program Strange uses.

Inmate 12: I'm telling you. It's him.

Inmate 13: It can't be.

Inmate 12: It is. Look again. He looks big, right? He's gray.

Inmate 13: This poster's got to be over a hundred years old. How can it be the same guy? And even if it was, how did Penguin get him?

Inmate 12: I don't know, but I'm sure it is. It's even got a name. Solomon Grundy? Stupidest name I ever heard.

Inmate 13: That's the thing you can hear in the museum. You know, Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday.

Inmate 12: You may be right. Smoke!

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