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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 16 - Museum - Finding Penguin's Disruptors

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and find Penguin's Disruptors in the Gotham Museum.


Riddler: What starts with a tick and ends with a shock? I'm waiting for you at the church, Dark Knight, waiting to prove that I am better than you. Come and see me if you dare. Oh, come on. It won't work. A child can see that. You need to come to the church.

Inmate 1: You heard the Penguin. Batman's on the way.

Inmate 2: Good. I always wanted a chance to go up against that freak.

Inmate 1: But I thought he wanted us to drag this thing over to the Joker.

Inmate 2: He did. I guess Batman's made him change his plans.

Inmate 1: Who cares? We kill Batman, then we drag this thing to Joker, turn it on, and go back to Cobblepot as heroes.

Inmate 2: What? Just like that? Kill Batman?

Inmate 1: Yeah. I'm not scared. He's nothing. Just some idiot in a costume. He's nothing.

Penguin: That disruptor is the only thing keeping you alive. If it stops working, it's not Batman you need to be worrying about!

Inmate 1: If Penguin wants the Bat, I'm gonna do it. Get myself a free pass to the Iceberg Lounge. Huh? I'm sure it came from over there! Time to die! I've got him! He's over here! Over here! I've got him. He's over here!

Inmate 2: Have you found him?

Inmate 3: It came from over here! I'm sure of it!

Inmate 4: Is that it?

Inmate 3: I'm sure it came from over there!

Inmate 4: This way! He went this way!

Inmate 5: Come on!

Batman: That was the last jammer. I should be able to get into the museum now.

Penguin: What the hell is happening down there? Hello? Is someone going to answer me? I give you one simple task, stick up a couple of freaking machines. And what? You couldn't even get that right? I hope Batman broke every bone in your stupid bodies. I hope you're lying there, desperately trying to breathe through fractured ribs and punctured lungs. And if you're not, you'd better summon up whatever strength you've got left and run, because after I'm done with the Bat, you're all next!

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