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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 1 - Entering Arkham City

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City and find out how to enter Arkham City with this online demo.


Villain 1: Look what I found

Villain 2: Don't touch it man. They'll kill you.

Villain 3: How long till the boss gets here?

Villain 4: He'll be here.

Villain 5: Riley said he saw the Bat. Is he here too?

Villain 6: In Arkham City? Why would he come here? You guys just need to chill the hell out.

Villain 3: It's Batman. What the hell?

Catwoman: Sorry to disappoint you boys. It's just little old me.

Villain 1: We'll make sure this hurts you, freak.

Villain 2: Arkham . . .

Villain 3: You're going to die tonight.

Villain 4: Your mommy won't recognize you when I'm done.

Villain 5: We're going to rip you apart.

Catwoman: Now that they're all taken care of, it's time to get what I came for out of that safe. Try and get one over on me, will you Harv? I don't think so.

Two-Face: Get your filthy paws off of that now.

Bruce: Aaaahhhh!

Strange: Wake up, Mr. Wayne. We have much to discuss.

Bruce: Strange, you won't get away with this.

Strange: I already have.

Vicky: This is Vicky Vale reporting live from Arkham City, the controversial super prison built right here in the heart of Gotham. In a few moments, Bruce Wayne will be live on stage to explain his sudden interest in Gotham politics. The infamous playboy millionaire has never been one to . . .

Bruce: It's billionaire Vicky, millionaires are so last year.

Reporters: Mr. Wayne! Mr. Wayne! Mr. Wayne!

Bruce: Aaahhh!

Strange: I assume that you thought yourself untouchable. Well, as you can see, no one is untouchable.

Bruce: Thank you. Thank you, Gotham. In prison, behind these walls, gang leaders are fighting a bloody war in the middle of our once great city. Every inmate from Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison has been relocated to this facility. How can this be safe for the people of Gotham?

Batman: Shut Arkham City down. It's out of control.

Strange: Shut it down? By the end of tonight, I will be a hero, just like you, Batman.

Bruce: Today, I'm starting the campaign to close Arkham City and make Gotham safe again.

Voice on radio: Remember, Wayne is the priority target.

Villain 7: Surround him.

Villain 8: Hands in the air, Wayne. We have Wayne

Villain 9: Target secured

Strange: I feel I should thank you. Capturing Bruce Wayne is so much easier than Batman. And now that we have you, Protocol Ten is ready to begin. It will be my legacy, a monument to your failure. And if you try to stop me I guarantee that everyone will know your secret.

You are mine, new inmates. Let me introduce myself. I am Professor Hugo Strange and I am in charge of the Arkham City facility. Up until this point, you have shown total disregard for the law, for society, and yourself. From this point on you are no longer part of the society. . .

TYGER Guard 1: What the hell are you doing? Did you think we wouldn't hear you?

Strange: That you have shown no respect for, [inaudible 00:05:08]

TYGER Guard 2: Help me!

TYGER Guard 3: Get in here! Help!

Strange: Giving up the right to a so called normal life.

TYGER Guard 4: Welcome to Arkham City, Wayne.

Inmate 1: What are you doing here, Wayne?

Inmate 2: Did you kill your butler?

Inmate 3: You're going to die in here, rich boy.

Inmate 4: You're going to be my bitch, Wayne.

Inmate 5: You're mine

TYGER Guard 5: On the ground, now!

Guard: What are you waiting for, Wayne? Line A, move!

Strange: These rules ensure your continued well-being.

TYGER Guard 6: Wayne, you're in Line A. Move it, rich boy.

Inmate 6: Hey, Wayne. I hear Penguin's put a price on your head.

TYGER Guard 7: You two, get out of the way. Wayne, get your ass up here.

Wayne: You work for the Penguin?

Inmate 6: I did, what's it to you?

Inmate 7: Bruce Wayne, you're on my list.

Inmate 8: Help me.

Inmate 9: Break his face.

Inmate 7: Bang.

TYGER Guard 8: Break it up, ladies. Move it up, prisoner.

Inmate 9: Hit him again.

Strange: Lower your weapons. Mr. Wayne will not be any trouble. Will you, Mr. Wayne? The cuffs can stay on. We don't want to make things too easy, do we?

TYGER Guard 9: Close the doors. Prepare for insertion.

Ryder: I can't believe I'm going to die here. Bruce Wayne? There I was reporting on your crummy press conference and now here we both are. I guess that'll teach you to get involved in politics, won't it?

Bruce: Listen to me carefully. When they open the door do not panic. Stay close to me.

Ryder: Do you think I'm taking advice from some guy who's never even been in a fight?

Bruce: Stay calm. They're trying to scare us.

Ryder: Sorry man, it's every man for himself.

Inmate 10: Never liked that show of yours, Ryder.

Ryder: Help me. Help me.

Inmate 11: This is just the beginning.

Ryder: Please!

Inamte 12: Come to Mommy, Wayne.

Inmate 13: Wayne! You ain't going to live long, boy.

Inmate 14: Hey Wayne, I'll see you soon, pretty boy.

Inmate 15: You're mine, Wayne.

Inmates: Wayne, Wayne, Wayne.

Bruce: On your feet, Ryder.I said, "Get up!"

Penguin: Well, look who it is. Welcome to hell, Brucey-boy. Lights out, rich boy.

Wakey, wakey, Wayne. Aww, what's up? Do you need me to call your butler?

Bruce: Cobblepot.

Penguin: Aww, you remember me. I'm touched. Your family destroyed mine, Wayne. This, well, let's just call this good, old-fashioned revenge.

Oww, get him. Hurt him. I think he's broken my bloody hand. Help, get me out of here.

Inmate 16: He broke free. How'd he do that?

Penguin: When this lot is done with you, I'll personally break every bone in both your hands.

Bruce: I need to get to higher ground and contact Alfred.

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