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How to Have a Korean Wedding

Learn about Korean weddings from celebrity wedding planner Barbara Esses in this Howcast video.


My name is Barbara Esses and I do events for a living. I'm Ruthie Hecht; I'm an event planner and I work with and for my mother. We're going to teach you the do's and don'ts for the perfect wedding. In the last generation, many, many people have emigrated from Korea to America and now, there are a tremendous amount of Korean weddings because the population has come of age. It is really nice when one has a specific ethnic background, to embrace it. Korean weddings should include Korean music, Korean robes, as well as American. There's an absolutely easy way to pull the two together between the ceremony and the food and clothing. I think that everybody who goes to a Korean wedding really enjoys the colorful clothing, enjoys the way the ceremonies are done and then, I find that the American music as well as the Korean music works. A balance in the food works and most places today are very, very knowledgeable of how to do a Korean wedding. So, one can include one's ethnic background when one makes this event.

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