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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 23 - Museum War Room

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and rescue Mister Freeze from Penguin in the Museum.


Abramovici: I shall slice you into pieces, American. You're gonna die! You look so strong. You're not so strong. I kill you with one hand. I'll cut off your mask for the Penguin!

Penguin: Surely no introduction is necessary. A prize-winning cryogenic scientist pushed to the edge of sanity by a desire to help his poor, dying wife... Or an old man captured by me and stuck on the grill?

Batman: Joker's cure. Where is it?

Victor: Forget the clown. I want Cobblepot. He has my suit. My weapons. I'll end him for what he's done to me.

Batman: Penguin's mine. You need to stay focused on that cure or innocent people will die.

Victor: You don't understand. I cannot complete my work without it. I must have it. Everything depends on it. Everything.

Batman: Penguin is protecting himself with your ice gun. How do I get past it?

Victor: Do I look like a fool? Why would I tell you that?

Batman: Because if I can't get past it, I won't help you get your suit. Think about it, Victor. You don't look well. If you're gone, what will happen to Nora?

Victor: Leave my wife out of this, Batman. Don't let this situation fool you. We are not friends. No!

Batman: Today is not a good day to push me, Victor.

Victor: Stop! There's a security override chip I built into the suit to stop anyone using my weapons against me.

Batman: How did that work out for you?

Victor: Why don't you go get the security override and figure out a way to stop him yourself.

Batman: It's been a pleasure, Victor. Keep thinking about that cure. I'll get you your suit back.

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