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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 25 - Museum Boss Solomon Grundy and Penguin

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, made by Rocksteady, beat Penguin and kick Solomon in the Grundy.


Penguin: I tried to help you, Batman. I gave you the opportunity to end this and walk away, but oh no. You had to be the big man. Well, guess what? From up here, you look pretty small. Oh, don't look so sad. I've got a little surprise for you down there.

Solomon: Solomon Grundy. Born on a Monday. Christened on Tuesday. Married on Wednesday.

Penguin: I found him down here when I bought this place. Comes in handy. What the hell are you doing? Stop that! No! What the hell are you doing? Oh, you're asking for it now! Let's see how much that ugly son of a bitch can take. Oh, that looked like it hurt, did it? Good job that lug is immortal. Those things are antiques! Leave them alone! Enough with the bloody explosives! I mean it!

What have you done? You little . . . You can't kill him! You can't! Well, what do you know? You really can't kill that bastard. No! Stop that! Oi! Just you and me left! The Bat verses the Bird!

Mr. Freeze: Where is Cobblepot?

Penguin: Well, look who it is, Mr. Freeze.

Batman: Enough! Freeze! Enough.

Mr. Freeze: Of course. You will regret what you did, Mr. Cobblepot.

Batman: The cure, Freeze.

Mr. Freeze: There isn't one.

Batman: What?

Mr. Freeze: Perhaps I should elaborate. Creating an antidote to the disease that afflicts the clown was easy. Unfortunately, the cure degrades too quickly. It needs a restorative element, some kind of reforming enzyme. Without it, it breaks down before it can help its host.

Batman: I've seen this before.

Mr. Freeze: Finding a suitable enzyme is not the only problem. It needs to be adapted, bonded to human DNA. That will take decades. Time, it appears, you do not have.

Batman: What if I told you I know a man who's been exposed to that enzyme for centuries?

Mr. Freeze: What man?

Batman: His name is Ra's al Ghul.

Mr. Freeze: Bring him to me. All I need is a sample of his blood. It is your only hope.

Batman: Ra's al Ghul is dead.

Mr. Freeze: Then you and the clown are doomed.

Batman: Not exactly. I need someone to tell me where the body is. Then I can go wake him up.

Woman: Blasphemer! You are not worthy to speak of the great Ra's al Ghul.

Mr. Freeze: You are a fool, Batman. You've let your only hope escape.

Batman: No, Victor. If Ra's al Ghul is in Arkham City, I now have a trail right to him.

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