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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 28 - Locate Ra's al Ghul

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and locate Ra's al Ghul.


Batman: Oracle, I'm heading underground. Below the surface, Gotham's a maze of old steel and ironwork. My signal may get weak. Try and stay locked on.

Oracle: Re-routing additional satellite coverage now. Good luck, Bruce.

Inmate 1: Man, I thought it was bad up there. Down here, I'm not just cold, I'm wet. And I smell like I've been staying in something Croc left behind.

Inmate 2: Do you ever stop complaining?

Inmate 3: Shut up, the both of you! We've got a job to do. Penguin's crew are on the run. Joker wants us to off any them we find.

Inmate 1: I thought he was offering jobs.

Inmate 3: He said it's up to us. Personally, I don't like those jerks, so I say we put a bullet in their heads.

Inmate 2: Fine with me.

Inmate 1: This won't take long.

Inmate 3: This will be easy, Bat-.

Batman: Joker's got his crew moving through the sewers, hunting down what's left of Penguin's thugs.

Inmate 4: Listen up! The last of the Penguin's crews are holed up somewhere up ahead. Joker wants them found.

Inmate 5: Do we kill them?

Inmate 4: Up to us.

Inmate 6: I saw we kill them. Half of Penguin's crews were mercs. Never trust a merc.

Inmate 4: Like I say, it's up to us.

Inmate 6: You scared, Batman?

Inmate 7: Dodge this.

Inmate 4: This is where you're going to die.

Inmate 7: We're going to hurt you.

Hugo Strange: Protocol Ten will commence in 5 hours.

Oracle: Are you all right? Did something happen? All the readings from your suit just went red.

Batman: Just give me a minute.

I'll be all right.

Oracle: No, you won't. Hurry, you're running out of time.

Inmate 8: Man, what's in these things?

Inmate 9: Guns, explosives, thermal trackers, everything an army needs.

Inmate 10: To kick Penguin's ass!

Inmate 8: But how come we've got them? Ain't this place supposed to be a prison?

Inmate 9: You ask a lot of questions, boy. You sure you're on the right side?

Inmate 8: What are you saying? Joker's my man, you know that. Been in his crew for years.

Inmate 9: So stop asking questions. You know J don't like questions.

Inmate 8: Okay, sorry. Just seems weird, that's all.

You guys know what this place is? I never heard of no old Gotham before.

Inmate 9: I guess you never went to school, did you?

Inmate 10: What happened? Too busy wetting your bed to learn something?

Inmate 9: If you'd bothered learning something, you would know that what we call Gotham is actually built on top of the old city?

Inmate 8: What old city?

Inmate 9: Old Gotham. There was some kind of fair hundreds of years ago, maybe more. Something happened, and bits were demolished. A new city was built on top of it.

Inmate 11: You learn something everyday, don't you?

Inmate 8: So this Old Gotham, what happened to it?

Inmate 9: Don't you listen? I told you, there was some kind of accident and it . . .

Inmate 12: [inaudible 00:08:19], Batman.

Inmate 13: This is going to . . .

Inmate 14: You're going to die, Bat.

Inmate 15: I'll break every bone in your freaking body.

Batman: Oracle, it looks like Joker is sending his crew down to steal weapons off the TYGER guards.

Oracle: That's not good. Those guys are armed with the latest military weapons. If Joker gets his hands on that stuff . . . well, you know.

Batman: He won't. I won't let him.

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