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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 33 - Boss Fight - Ra's al Ghul (2 of 2)

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and defeat Ra's al Ghul.


Ra's al Ghul: You cannot beat us! You cannot defeat us! Our numbers are too great. Our numbers are too great. You cannot defeat us! We are legion! You cannot beat us! You cannot defeat us! You cannot defeat us! Our numbers are too great.

For that... you will suffer! We are legion! You should have joined us!

Talia al Ghul: What are you doing?

Ra's al Ghul: Listen to me, Detective. And listen well. You will kill me. You will lead the League of Assassins. Because, if you do not join us, I will kill the only person you have ever loved.

Talia al Ghul: This wasn't part of the plan.

Ra's al Ghul: Do it! De-tec-tive! You should have killed me.

Talia al Ghul: Yes, he should have. What kind of man sacrifices his own daughter? And you. You lied to me. I thought you loved me, Bruce. I thought you were ready to join our crusade.

Batman: Talia...

Talia al Ghul: Don't. You two deserve each other.

Batman: You're looking old, Ra's. What's really going on here?

Ra's al Ghul: I have used the Lazarus Pit too many times. I have lived 600 years. My mind and body cannot take much more. Each time I enter the pit I am frightened of what will come out.

Batman: The Lazarus Pit has corrupted your mind. Think about it. If your pit falls into the wrong hands, you will be powerless to stop centuries of destruction. This is your chance for redemption, Ra's. Call off your crusade or I'll be back for you.

Oracle: Bruce? Where the hell have you been? I thought you were dead.

Batman: Sorry to disappoint you.

Oracle: Did you find Ra's? Hold on, your suit's readings are back to normal. Are you cured? What's going on?

Batman: Ra's and his forces are based underneath Arkham City, extracting some kind of naturally occurring chemical he's called "Lazarus." He's been using it for centuries, slowly perfecting the process until he was even able to bring himself back from the dead.

Oracle: And you took some?

Batman: He forced me to. Small doses appear to heal most ailments, but even the small amount I ingested had a few nasty side effects. Prolonged exposure has driven Ra's over the edge.

Oracle: So, do you think you're cured?

Batman: No. The effects are temporary. Ra's tried to convince me to use his pit, but the risks are too great. When I'm done here, I'll need to investigate this Lazarus technology further. I told Ra's to shut his pit down.

Oracle: And you think he will?

Batman: Unlikely. Ra's is addicted to the pit. I've given him one chance to break that addiction or I'll be back to do it myself.

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