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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 34 - Escaping Wonder City

Check out part 35 of this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and see how to exit Wonder City through the sewers.


Hugo Strange: Protocol Ten will commence in two hours.

Inmate 1: Did you see the way Penguin's guys just ran?

Inmate 2: Yeah. Cobblepot's finished here. We just need to wait, regroup, and then head into the tunnel and take out the rest of them.

Inmate 1: Can't wait. It'll be a regular turkey shoot.

Inmate 2: Sure will. Fly little birdy, bang!

Inmate 1: Then what? Go back to the Steel Mill?

Inmate 2: Nah. We got to keep keep moving through the tunnels and find a way to get to the museum, take out Penguin.

Inmate 1: What if Batman got him?

Inmate 2: Then our job will be even easier.

Listen, between you and me, I hear Cobblepot's got all kinds of crap in that museum of his. We get there, it can all be ours. No need to tell the boss.

Inmate 1: You serious?

Inmate 2: Yeah, why not?

Inmate 1: Yeah, I suppose. He'll be dead soon, right?

Joker: Someone's missing in there. Is it you?

Inmate 1: I'll cover the door.

Inmate 2: What the hell are you, Batman?

Joker: Three of you left? It's not good, is it?

Inmate 2: What are you?

Joker: Oooh. I think I just heard heard someone's skull cracking against that nice hard floor. Mind the bloody puddle.

Inmate 2: Huh?

It's moving. It's gone up in the air. Don't stop looking. It could come from anywhere.

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