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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 35 - Escaping Wonder City

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and see how to exit Wonder City through the sewers.


Batman: They've started using shields. They'll block head on attacks but that shield can't protect them from above.

Inmate: Where'd Joker get these things from anyway?

Inmate: I don't know, Tiger maybe?

Inmate: Lookout! Batman's here!

Inmate: You people have two choices. Join up with the Joker and live. Stay with the Penguin and die. Simple.

Inmate: So what's it going to be?

Inmate: I'm in.

Inmate: Yeah, me too.

Inmate: Good. We've got weapons on the way.

Inmate: What? You expect us to join up with you unarmed?

Inmate: Screw that!

Inmate: He said, guns are on the way. It won't be long. What part of that did you not understand?

Inmate: Calm down.

Inmate: What's the Bat doing here?

Inmate: I'll kill you, freak. I'm going to rip you apart.

Inmate: You don't stand a chance against...

Inmate: We're going to hurt you, freak.

Inmate: Arkham City's going to burn. You're going to die, Bat. This is going hurt, Batman.

Inmate: Your face is dust. Your Mommy won't recognize you when I'm done. We're going to hurt you, Bat. We'll kill you. You're going to die here.

Hugo Strange: Citizens of Arkham. As I speak, there is a new inmate entering my facility. The more nostalgic among you will recognize him as Quincy Sharp, Mayor of Gotham and failed Warden of Old Arkham Asylum. Please provide him with the welcome he deserves.

Oracle: That doesn't sound good, does it?

Batman: No, it doesn't.

Oracle: I don't get it. Why would Strange arrange for the Mayor to be sent there? Scrub that. How the hell did Strange even manage to have the Mayor arrested?

Batman: I don't know, Barbara. But I am going to find out.

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