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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 36 - Interrogate Quincy Sharp

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and Interrogate Quincy Sharp for information on Hugo Strange.


Inmate 1: Where does all the crap that Strange confiscates go? He must be keeping it somewhere, right?
Inmate 1: People are saying Joker poisoned Batman. Is he gonna die too? Hope so.
Inmate 1: You know what I hate? Little pieces of crap like you! Look at you! All scared, and crying. It's embarrassing.
Political Prisoner: Please. It's not my fault.
Inmate 2: Sorry, Mr. Mayor. Two-Face wants to talk to you before anyone else gets to you.
Mayor Quincy Sharp: Please. Leave me alone!
Inmate 2: [coughs] What the-? Smoke!
Mayor Quincy Sharp: I don't need your help, Batman.
Political Prisoner: Help!
Mayor Quincy Sharp: No! Please. No.
Batman: I want to know all about Strange and how you're tied into all this.
Mayor Quincy Sharp: I'll tell you everything. Strange came to me back at the Asylum. He told me he had friends; powerful friends. The sort of people who could make things happen. All I had to do was turn a blind eye to his experiments, and work on my campaign. He said his friends would ensure that I won.
Batman: Who are they?
Mayor Quincy Sharp: No! I have no idea. I never met them. They funded everything. Money was no problem. All I had to do was set up Arkham City and put Strange in charge; it made perfect sense. The scum of Gotham needed to be punished. It would be my legacy.
Batman: Strange has been removing anyone with evidence against him and sending them into Arkham City. Enjoy your legacy.
Oracle: Bruce. I'm seeing massive spikes in your suit's biometric analyzer. Your health.. it... it doesn't look good.
Batman: I just had a chat with our old friend Quincy Sharp. He confirmed that Strange is working with someone else. I'm going to find out who.
Oracle: What are you talking about? You need to get that blood to Freeze now.
Batman: I will. I just need to-
Oracle: No, you don't. You need to go back to the G.C.P.D. Please, Bruce. For me?
Inmate 1: What's stopping it?
Inmate 2: I don't know. It keeps freezing back up.
Inmate 1: Batman! It's Batman!
Inmate 1: I'm going to kill you, freak!
Inmate 2: This will be easy, Bat-freak!
Inmate 1: I'm going to rip you apart!
Joker: Why do you keep doing this to me? It's like you idiots spend every single day thinking up ways to leave me bitterly disappointed.
Joker: Ring, ring! Hey, Bats. I've been thinking. It's probably quite difficult for you to fight your way through Arkham City in your current state. I don't think you need me to remind you that you're dying...

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