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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 37 - Boss - Mr. Freeze

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and defeat Mister Freeze.


Victor: Impressive, Batman. I doubted you would actually return.

Batman: I'm a man of my word, Victor. You should know that by now.

Victor: The formula is complete. The bonding process appears to have been successful. How are you feeling? You look unwell.

Batman: Give it to me.

Victor: I'm afraid I cannot do that, Batman. You have given me your last order.

Batman: This is not a time for negotiation.

Victor: I think it is. The clown has my wife. Bring her back to me.

Batman: You don't want to do this, Freeze.

Victor: Oh, I believe I do. You will bring me Nora, or you will die. You are in my world now, Batman.

Batman: Oracle, Freeze is attacking me. Get me the telemetry feed from his suit,now!

Oracle: No problem. Bruce, remember what happened last time. Don't try and take him on in a straight up fight. He's too powerful. Okay, data's ready. Coming through now.

Victor: Hide if you wish, Batman. I will find you and end you. I believed you to be quiet. I was wrong. What? How? So you wish to use magnets against me? I don't think so. There you are. No. Where did you..? That will not happen again. You cannot hide in the cold, Batman. This world is mine. I have you now.

Batman: I can't allow Freeze to see me. He's too dangerous.

Victor: No! I see you are attempting to use my weapons against me. Do you really think I will allow that? No! I can evolve my strat- Get off me! Please, find Nora. She's all I have left. It's over. That was all I could manufacture.

Batman: Harley Quinn took it.

Victor: What are you waiting for? Go and get it back. The clown must pay for what he has done to us.

Batman: It's not that simple. Joker's got the Steel Mill locked down. Getting in will not be easy.

Victor: Perhaps I can help. I've been working on a new projectile system. Maybe these will provide the edge you need.

Batman: I promise you, Victor. I will find Nora.

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