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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 38 - Rescue Vicki Vale

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and rescue Vicki Vale.


Vicki: My God, our mystery caller was correct. It looks like Batman himself is exiting the building.

Joker: Is he really? Hello, Gotham. It's me. I'm afraid Miss Vale will soon be leaving the airwaves.

We apologize for this interruption.

Vicki: We've been hit! We're going down! Mayday! Mayday! If anyone can hear me . . .

Oh God, there are snipers. They're all around my position. I can see what looks like inmates moving in on us. Aah! Please, if anyone can hear me, send help!

This is Vicki Vale. I repeat, this is Vicki Vale. If you can hear this, help me.

Inmate 1: This bitch is mine.

Inmate 2: Don't speak too soon. Joker will be pissed if you screw this up.

Inmate 1: What are you talking about? No way am I going to miss a shot at putting a bullet through that annoying reporter's face.

Vicki: It appears that the snipers covering my position from the South-East are gone. The roof of the Kirshen building has gone quiet. Either they've all left or someone has taken them out.

Inmate 2: I can't see her.

Inmate 1: Look harder. Joker wants the reporter dead.

Inmate 2: Yeah, okay, I'm trying. I just can't get a clear shot.

Vicki: Gunfire has ceased from Dini Towers. I can no longer see the snipers on the roof of the apartment building.

If anyone can hear this broadcast, send help please.

Male: Damn it! There's a camera busted in Sector Three.

Batman: You should be safe here for now. Stay here and keep out of sight.

Vicki: Any chance I could get an exclusive? Care to tell Gotham what's going on with your face?

Batman: No. Stay there and be quiet.

Joker: Now, that's no way to talk to the nice reporter lady, Bats.

Batman: What do you want?

Vicki: Who are you talking to?

Joker: Now see what you've done? The poor woman's all confused. Hardly surprising, I suppose. I mean she's just been in a terrible accident.

Batman: That you caused.

Joker: How dare you? I've never been so . . . Oh what the hell! Yes, okay, it was me. I just needed a little time to guarantee that Harley got back to me with my delicious cure. And if you're a good boy, I may even save a little for you. It's unlikely, I know. But I'm really your last hope now, aren't I?

Vicki: Well, Gotham, it appears I'm safe, for now.

Inmate 1: It's like there's been this other guy standing in for him. But now, the real Joker's back.

Inmate 2: So, we ready?

Inmate 3: Bruce Wayne's billions won't do him any good here.

Batman: The furnace is generating too much heat. I need to find another way in.

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