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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 39 - Infiltrate the Steel Mill

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City, and infiltrate the Sionis Steel Mill (again).


Batman: The furnace is generating too much heat. I need to find another way in. Oracle, find me a route into the Steel Mill.

Oracle: Let's see. I'm assuming you want the most dangerous route possible.

Batman: Why change things now?

Oracle: Well, you're in luck. The only way in is via the heat exchanges to the south of the building. I'll mark it on your map.

Inmate: Who'd have thought it? The big bad Batman outsmarted by Harley Quinn.

Inmate 2: I know. I didn't believe it, but I guess he must be sick too.

Inmate 1: He is. Dax saw him, says his face was all messed up, you know, like Joker's.

Inmate 2: Good. Hope he's rotting on the inside.

Inmate 1: The best news is, Joker's back and Batman's making mistakes. If he comes this way we'll nail him easy.

Inmate 2: Arkham City is ours. And we'll be ones who finally killed Batman.

Joker: Hey, Bats. Can you hear me? If you can, let my boys know where you are. Help them get this over with quick.

Inmate: Grenade! I'll cover the door! Huh? Have you found him? Here's the plan. We spread out. We find the son of a bitch. Got it?

Inmate: On me! I got him! Some...kind of smoke.

Joker: I am very disappointed in you boys.

Command Center: Camera down in Sector Four.

Joker: Really, you're all dead to me now.

Inmate: What the hell are you, Batman?

Joker: Oh, do I have to do everything myself around here?

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