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How to Play Paintball Safely

Learn how to play paintball safely from paintball pro Mike "Pev" Peverill in this Howcast video.


My name is Mike Peverill. I'm here at Pev's Paintball Park in Aldie, Virginia. I've been playing paintball nearly 30 years. I've played professional paintball with numerous pro teams all over the world. This facility here was built from the ground up for paintball, kind of like a paintball Disney Land. Our website is Hopefully you can come out and visit us sometime.

Playing paintball safely is about looking after the best interest of not only you but everyone else you're playing with. And remember, you're playing with a gun that can shoot a projectile at 200 miles per hour, 300 feet per second. So when you think about that, you think about what damage that can do if people aren't prepared. Or if they aren't prepared like you are to play paintball, which means wearing a pair of goggles, or wearing, using a safety device on their gun. I mean, if this was a loaded gun and you put a barrel cover on the gun. That helps prevents accidents, because accidents do happen. Some of them accidentally pull this trigger and fire it, and not even realize that it wasn't on safe or it was cocked, and this will catch the ball from doing that. Wearing safety goggles at all times.

This is about making sure you do the right thing to protect this sport, and be safe, and protect others around you so that everyone else can keep playing. Putting the, de-cocking the gun, or put it on safe. When you put these things on safe so they can't fire anymore, that protects you and it protects everyone else you're playing with. Don't shoot cats and animals in your neighborhood. Don't shoot at houses. Play at places approved for paintball. Play smart. Don't shoot at people, unless they have gear on it as well. I know it sounds like it could be a fun joke to shoot someone in the butt when they're not paying attention, but remember, if they're not dressed for paintball, you shouldn't be shooting them.

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