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How to Participate in a Paintball Tournament

Learn how to participate in a paintball tournament from paintball pro Mike "Pev" Peverill in this Howcast video.


My name is Mike Peverill. I'm here at Pev's Paintball Park in Aldie, Virginia. I've been playing paintball nearly 30 years. I've played professional paintball with numerous pro teams all over the world. This facility here was built from the ground up for paintball, kind of like a paintball Disney Land. Our website is Hopefully you can come out and visit us sometime.

So you've been playing paintball and now you're anxious to try the paintball tournament and you're thinking, "How do I get on a paintball team? How do I play in a paintball tournament?" Well it's actually pretty easy. If you go to a local paintball field in your area, most paintball fields have a team of guys that are already there, who practice there in exchange for helping them out at the field just so they can use it as a training facility for themselves. It doesn't have to be big and fancy. It can just be basically a simple speed ball field. So if you're looking for a team to get on, the best way to do it is to either go to a paintball field locally and try to find a team that you're interested to play in, or go to, choose the area you're in, and they have forums. And you get on there and you can post: "Hey I'm looking for a paintball team to play on. I'd like to play tournament paintball," and find one that's near you. Or if you're willing to travel, then you can go visit some other areas. I mean, I used to travel, airplane every weekend just to go to practice. I would fly to California to practice and fly back home on Monday. Then I also used to drive several hours in the beginning when I was an amateur. It all depends on what you wanna do. Now, getting into a tournament's not hard either because if you go on and use the Internet and go to websites, especially, it lists all these different tournaments. Or just do a Google search for paintball tournament in your area that you're willing to go to and look. Basically, you can register. You don't have to be qualified. The only time you have to be qualified to play, is when you play in a big national event that has different divisions. Anybody can play at any paintball tournament on the national level in the beginner division if their credentials show that they are a beginner player. And look for other teams to joins. But it's pretty simple and once you get there that's your starting point. That's your first step in the building blocks of being a paintball team. Then after that, once you start playing in a couple tournaments, you'll start to meet other tournament teams, you maybe find another team that wants to recruit you or you wanna leave the team you're on to try to take the next step, you know, to work advancement. 'Cause eventually your goal, if you wanna play tournament paintball, is to eventually work your way into the pros. And the only way to do that is to play more tournaments. So again, go to your local paintball field or look on, find yourself a tournament that's going on or a team that's looking for it, go try out or ask them to join. Especially in the beginner levels, you don't have to try out. Make your own team! There's tournaments now called 3-men tournaments where you just pick 2 buddies. So find 2 buddies, say "Let's go join a tournament," find a local 3-men tournament in your area, sign up by calling the number or go to a website, and show up that day ready to play! Simple as that!

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