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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 42 - Steel Mill - Joker

Check out part 43 of this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City and infiltrate the Sionis Steel Mill (again).


Inmate 1: I hear you, buddy.

Inmate 2: How's it going in there anyway?

Inmate 1: It's all good. I'm in position, the room's mined and if I see Batman, boom!

Inmate 2: Hope you're right. The Joker looks like he's getting ready for a war. If Batman's out of the picture, we may actually win it.

Inmate 1: I've worked out how to beat the Bat. He uses the gargoyles, right? I just need to take them out too. Boom! Batman's on the ground and I'm putting a bullet through his brain.

Inmate 2: Nice, let me know when he's dead. I want to come down there and have a little fun with the corpse.

Inmate 1: Get in line. I'm having the mask. You can have what's left.

Inmate 3: What's the Bat doing here?

Inmate 4: It's the Bat.

Inmate 2: Weird, that mine must have a fault. Batman's mine.

Harley Quinn: Well look who it is. What do you want, B-man? Come to stick the knife in some more? Well go on then, I don't care. I'm not telling you nothing! I'm not even going to tell you about the crap Joker took from Freeze and locked up in the boiler room. Don't you dare! What? Did you have fun beating up a defenseless girl? What are you . . . If you don't stop doing that, I'm going to tell Mister J and he's going to . . . Don't you dare! Stop that! What are you . . . What? Did you have fun beating up a . . . Don't you dare!

Inmate 5: You heard all the Protocol Ten bull that Strange has been spouting?

Inmate 6: What the hell is his problem? Didn't he give us these guns in the first place?

Inmate 7: Yeah, I thought he wanted the Joker to win.

Inmate 5: Me too, but, don't you think that's kind of crazy? Who spends billions of dollars building a prison and then gives everyone guns?

Inmate 6: You got a point. Hey, you weren't at the asylum, were you? Well I was, man. Old Sharpie was weird too, just like Strange.

Inmate 5: Yeah, I heard a bunch of patients died under his supervision.

Inmate 7: You shouldn't listen to gossip man. No way is Quincy some kind of avenging psychiatric angel. Have you seen him? He looks like an idiot.

Inmate 6: Sure, he's an idiot. But he convinced an entire city to build this place, didn't he? And he hired Strange who gave us military grade weapons.

Inmate 7: So what are you saying?

Inmate 6: I'm saying I didn't trust Sharp. I don't trust Strange and I don't like . . .

Inmate 7: It's the freaking Bat!

Inmate 8: Arkham City is gonna burn.

Inmate 9: Your mother won't recognize you when we're finished with you.

Inmate 10: Don't know where you've gone Bat, but this ain't over! Arkham City is where you're going to . . .

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