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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 43 - Boss Fight - Joker

Check out this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City and infiltrate the Sionis Steel Mill (again).


Hugo Strange: Protocol Ten will commence in 10 minutes.

Batman: Where is it?

Joker: Manners cost nothing, Batman. A please wouldn't go amiss. I mean if you wanted to be cured so badly, you only had to ask.

It looks like I need to teach you some respect.

Batman: There's nothing you can teach me, Joker.

Joker: Oh, come on. There's always something to learn. Let's start with Getting Your Ass Kicked 101.

Seconds out!

Please stop. I can't take anymore. You win! You beat me. Hang on, did I say me? I meant me and these guys.

You remember Mr. Abramovici, right? Don't worry, Batman. He's mostly arm-less. Get it?

Arkham City is going to burn.

You're going to die here, Batman.

Oh, Batman, this is getting boring. Maybe a little Titan will spice things up.

Batman: Make sure this hurts, freak!

Joker: Your mother won't recognize you when I'm done.

Abramovici: You will die here Bat.

I will bury you!

I will leave you smeared across this road!

I will leave you smeared across this road!

Joker: What are you waiting for?

Any last requests? How about a joke?

Talia: How about a trade? Let him go. Take me in his place.

Joker: I'll handle the jokes around here.

Batman: Talia, what are you doing?

Talia: I represent the great Ra's al Ghul, Head of the Demon, master of the League of Assassins.

Joker: Well, bully for you.

Talia: Free Batman and we will give you the secret of immortality.

Batman: Don't do it, Talia. He'll be unstoppable.

Joker: What? You mean she's telling the truth?


Talia: Do we have a deal?

Batman: No!

Joker: Oh, shut up!

After you, my dear.

Talia: We offered you this chance, Batman. Now follow your heart.

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