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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 44 - Catwoman - Strange's Vault

Check out part 45 of this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City and break into strange's vault.


Catwoman: Are we not done yet, Ivy? I told you, that thing with the flowers wasn't my fault. You know it, I know it.

Poison Ivy: You should have watered them. You said you would water them. Now there's only one left and Strange has it, sealed in his vault.

Catwoman: Well, in that case, I think we can strike a deal. I need a way into his vault and I think you're just the girl to help. If you get me in there, I'll get your plant. Deal?

Poison Ivy: I should kill you...Fine!

Catwoman: No kiss? I'm kind of disappointed.

Poison Ivy: Out! Now!

TYGER Guard: Affirmative. Set up a perimeter. Protect the entrance.

Catwoman: Good girl, Ivy. I can always count on you. There are Ivy's vines...and there's the storage facility. Nice work, Red. Time to get in there. Okay, there's the vault. Looks like a standard three card security protocol. Really, you'd think these people would have learned by now. Hopefully, the keys are down there, deep in the pockets of those TYGER guards. I'll need to be quick and stay out of sight. One wrong move and the failsafes will trigger and that vault will be locked down: permanently.

Hugo Strange: Protocol 10 will commence in 10 minutes.

Catwoman: That's all the keys. Next stop, the security room.

TYGER Guard 2: What's going on?

TYGER Guard 3: Someone's opening the vault.

TYGER Guard 2: Is this a drill?

TYGER Guard 3: If it is, no one told us. Listen up! The room is hot. Spread out and search for intruders. No prisoners. Move!

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