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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 45 - Catwoman - Strange's Vault

Check out part 46 of this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City and break into strange's vault.


TYGER Guard: What's going on?

TYGER Guard: Someone's opening the vault.

TYGER Guard: Is this a drill?

TYGER Guard: If it is, no one told us. Listen up! The room is hot. Spread out and search for intruders. No prisoners. Move!

TYGER Guard: I don't like this. Do you think it's Batman?

TYGER Guard: I hope not. We've got special orders for him. With any luck, it's just some Arkham scum trying to get rich. We can have a little fun with them.

Target is mobile! Target has vanished.

Hugo Strange: Check your numbers.

TYGER Guard 54: This is TYGER 54. We have confirmation that target is in the Steel Mill. I repeat: Batman is in the Steel Mill.

Hugo Strange: Good. Make it our first target. Protocol Ten will wipe both the Batman and the Joker from this earth.

TYGER Guard: Target is set.

Hugo Strange: Then let Protocol Ten commence.

TYGER Guard: Understood. Commencing in three, two, one.

Hugo Strange: Check your numbers.

TYGER Guard: Target in sight!

Catwoman: Looks like this kitten's got the cream.

TYGER Guard: All units, we have visual confirmation. The Steel Mill is hit. Batman is down. I repeat, Batman is down.

Catwoman: Try and tie me up in your plants, like hell. How does that feel, Ivy?

TYGER Guard: Understood, sir.

Catwoman: You can do it. Just walk right out of here and leave him. It's easy. You'll never forgive yourself, Selina. Save Batman, then get out of here. It's not like he'll die. It's Batman, right? Since when did you grow a conscience? Is a girl's work never done? Hold on, handsome. I'm coming to save you.

Great. See what I give up for you, Batman? You'd better not be dead already.

Well, what do we have here? Figured you could use my help.

Batman: You're right. I think I chipped a nail back there.

Catwoman: You stick with the brooding, I'll handle the wisecracks. I guess we both know what Protocol Ten is now, right? If you're planning on stopping it, you need to hurry.

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