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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough Part 46 - Getting into Wonder Tower

Check out part 47 of this walkthrough for the open world brawler, Batman: Arkham City and break into strange's vault.


Batman: Oracle, Strange is launching missile strikes on Arkham City from Wonder Tower. You shut this place down; Joker's taken Talia. I'm going after them.

Oracle. You can't. Hundreds will be killed. I need your help to stop the attack.

Batman: He'll kill Talia.

Alfred: You need to think this through. Batman can't let all these people die.

Batman: My tracker's not activating. Re-route all Wayne-Tech satellites to boost the signal.

Alfred: I can't do that. I realize it is difficult, but you need to decide if one life is worth sacrificing to save a thousand?

Batman: Don't do this, Alfred.

Alfred: Batman must save Gotham. I'm sorry, but deep down, you know I'm right.

Batman: Oracle, do not lose Talia's signal. Okay, the tower's locked down. No way in without the codes. One of the choppers will be carrying the master control program. I just need to find that chopper.

TYGER Helicopter: Multiple targets down. Body count is high. Hit successful. Inmate targets neutralized. Target in sight. Target Batman has disappeared. We have no visual.

Boom. Scratch 20 more inmates. Target is hit.

All targets are lit. I repeat, we have multiple successful strikes, all on target. Hit successful. Multiple inmate casualties. Missile locked. Structure is hit.

I'm showing multiple hits in Sector Two. Thermal scans of the area are showing 15... no... 17 casualties. Target is hit.

Casualties in Sector Three are high. Returning to base. Multiple targets down. Body count is high.

Batman: I've got the code. I'm heading to Wonder Tower.

Oracle: Good. You're doing the right thing. The code should let you enter via the guard room near the main gate.

Batman: Don't lose Talia's signal. When I'm finished in the tower, I'm going after her. She doesn't know Joker. She's out of her depth. I need to save her.

TYGER Helicopter: Hit successful. Multiple inmate casualties. Targets are all hit. Casualties in Sector One are topping 100. We have multiple casualties.

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